Saving the world from boring e-Learning

Our Mission

We’re here to delight learners

To make them sit up and pay attention. To be surprised, intrigued, engaged. To look forward to pressing the “next” button. We want them to do what they came to your course to do: learn.


What we do

Strategic Planning

Where is your learning program now? What is the competitive environment? Where do you want to go? Wherever it is, we plan the path to get there.

Learning Experience (LX)

How do your learners like to learn? Where do they want to learn? What devices do they use? How can we keep them engaged? We ask the questions, then design answers.

Instructional Design

What happens when you mix learning science with the spark of creativity? Good things, like attentive learners, knowledge retention and achievement of learning outcomes.

Content Creation

We collaborate with SMEs. We write, illustrate, and animate. We film, photograph, record and edit. We make interactive elements. And, we do it with high standards of excellence.


Learners should use brain cells to learn, not figuring out how to navigate a course. That’s why we carefully craft learning environments that are simple, beautiful and functional.

Instructional Technology

We build software tools and learning management systems that make learning more interactive, effective, accurate and cost effective.


Our Clients

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